Where to Shoot
Your Rights

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 2.b

"Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication."

Can I take this photo?

As long as you're on public property, you can take photos of most people, places, and things. Some exceptions apply, the most important of which is people with a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Can someone force me to delete my photos?

Unless it's jeapordizing national security, you cannot be forced to delete your photos, even if you weren't supposed to take them in the first place.

Can I publish my photos?

Yes, as long as you didn't modify it to misrepresent what the subject is doing. This includes misleading captions. You also can't use the photo to endorse anything without a model release.

When should I assert my rights?

You should avoid getting into confrontations in the first place. If it's unavoidable, calmly explain why you were taking photos before asserting your right to take them.

Note that this information was is only meant to be a general guideline. If you need legal assistance, contact a lawyer.

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